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It’s tempting to say that FourHourDay began with a calculation. Simply add up the number of hours required to produce the things humanity requires to keep body and soul together, and then divide by the number of people available to do the work. The “four” answer is actually a wild guess and probably a gross overestimate.

The larger truth, however, is that FourHourDay started with my radicalization in the heyday of the 1960’s. After the commune, the rise and fall of Marx and the civil rights campaign, and wrestling with the likes of Jesus, Gandhi, Lenin, Kropotkin, and others, one result is the utopian novel available on this website. The key aspect of The Four-hour Day is its tonality. Basically, it’s the recognition that the universe is one of increasing complexity and that the next stage of evolution will fine-tune the natural creativity and generosity of humankind. With an essential re-balancing of the sexual dynamic, with a newfound delight in our hands, and with productive leisure, we have no need for ideology, law, violence, or capitalism. This exuberant fantasy maintains solid roots in history, and it’s certainly not the final word. It’s nothing more than an invitation to contribute your own dreamy desires.

But while we’re waiting for the cosmos to get its act together, we face a practical emergency in the here and now. Capitalist money never functioned properly in the first place, but it’s now completely worthless. The catastrophe of poverty can no longer be tolerated, and history provides some intriguing alternatives for a revolutionary conception of money and credit. The “Essays” page on this website offers a few meditations, but be forewarned that the comprehension of money is not for the faint of heart. And it’s all about heart.

Gabe Sinclair

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