FourHourDay Guitars

The essence of FourHourDay is the relentless maximization of creative, not passive, leisure.  We consign our robots to the manufacture of underwear, and we turn to music.  But what about the guitars and flugelhorns?  Is their creation drudgery or its opposite?

The pictured instrument is my own invention and will not be mistaken for oud or lute.  The sound is comparable to that of any fine guitar.  So, ideally, the skills I've acquired in its making would lead to a jolly community of luthiers and others cooperating on some scheme of collective production and non-profit distribution.  Or perhaps a school for guitar crafting would be the perfect model for the economy of a far different future.

It's not for lack of trying, but "Cecilia" and I sit, alone, waiting for your creative input to jumpstart the new enterprise.

---- Gabe Sinclair